20140917 Incheon K-pop Concert (oldlady)
Higher quality pictures

20140917 Incheon K-pop Concert (oldlady)
Higher quality pictures

140916 SBS The Show Goodbye Stage + Backstage (red517ream)

20140917 Incheon K-pop Concert (karafor5)

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Mass voting will continue for the next half hour! 


Make sure to vote through-out the day!

20140917 Incheon K-pop Concert (as tagged)

Vote for KARA at the 2014 EMA'S!: How to vote

Attention Kamilia and KARA fans! KARA has been nominated as theonly female k-pop group at the 2014 EMA’s in Glasgow!

Voting has already started and will continue till October 23rd 6:59AM! A win for our ladies would not only be a huge leap for them but would give good representation for k-pop idol groups as a whole! 

How to vote

Click Here!

KARA is all the way to the bottom. Once you get there you will see their picture next to their group name and a blue button underneath! 


This button can be pushed endlessly 24/7 (no pun intended) everyday till October 23rd! You can push it in the morning, at night, in the afternoon etc. every single second.

Once you push it a window like this will pop up.


You can push ‘esc’ to exit out of the window faster to continue voting! It is optional to share on Facebook or Twitter but make sure you’re spreading the word to fellow fans! 

The hashtags we will be using on twitter are: #KARA #카라 and #MTVEMAKARA

Make sure you’re sending your tweets to @SBS_MTV!

Alternate Voting

Click Here!


Once you get to this page, simply scroll till you find the blue button and vote! You can vote here as many times as you want as well!

Please spread this everywhere!! Twitter, Facebook, etc. If someone could share this at KARAHOLIC it would be very much appreciated! Also please feel free to translate this into any other language and take the images to help people vote! Lets give our girls the win they deserve!

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