20140902 KARA on PON! (amirin 2004)

Hara will join “Superman has returned” 1-year anniversary special recording and will translate for Yano Shiho!

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20140830 ‘Day & Night’ Fansign (wasabcon)

20140830 ‘Day & Night’ Fansign (wasabcon)

[ENG & JPN SUB] KARA Mamma Mia PV Japanese ver Making

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Goo Hara Tells Big Bang′s Seungri Not to Call Only When He Needs Something

KARA’s Goo Hara jokingly warned her best friend, Big Bang′s Seungri, during broadcast. 

On August 29′s broadcast of SBS Power FM′s Young Street, Goo Hara shared some behind-the-scenes stories about her current KARA promotions. 

DJ K.Will asked Goo Hara about her poodle-hair concept for Kara′s new song, throwing the question, "How long does it take to make that poodle hair?" 

Goo Hara answered, "5 minutes," making K.Will wonder how it could only take five minutes. Goo Hara explained, “Right now, it′s not that hair. It′s a wig.” 

K.Will then continued his questions, asking, “Seungri picked Goo Hara, Kang Min Kyung, and Gain as the three people he′s closest to. Would you really immediately go out if Seungri called?” 

"I′ll have to think about it. If the situation allows, I will," replied Goo Hara. 

K.Will then asked Goo Hara to say something to Seungri. 

"Don′t look for me only when you need something," said Goo Hara, making everyone laugh. 

On April 9′s broadcast of SBS′ One Night of Entertaiment, Seungri chose Goo Hara, Gain, and Kang Min Kyung as the three female idols that he could call right away. 

When the reporter asked him to pick one person, he replied Goo Hara. The reporter asked, "As a woman?" which Seungri denied. 

"Goo Hara and I grew up together since we were babies and worked towards the same dreams," answered Seungri.

Meanwhile, KARA released its sixth mini album Day & Night on August 18. Kara′s Mamma Mia was produced but Duble Sidekick and is a powerful dance song that portrays the colors of each member well. 

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